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3 Hour Minimum

All moves have a minimum of 3 hours.


Exceptions may apply-Please Call. 

Valuables Liability

We Like To Move It will not accept liability for the following items.


These items MUST be moved by the customers:

  • Money
  • Firearms
  • Stamp/Coin Collections
  • Medications (optional)
  • Jewelry
  • Stock/Bonds
  • Deeds/Titles

No Hidden Fees

All procedures, rules, regulations and policies will be mentioned over the phone.


It is the clients responsiblity to read their emails- it will be the written form of what was already discussed. 


Any other policies or regulations, the client will be referred to this website for further detail. 

Disconnet Appliances

It is the clients’ responsibility to disconnect their appliances.


If you would like We Like To MOVE IT to disconnect or connect your appliances, including, but not limited to:


  • washer/dryer
  • dishwasher
  • refrigerator
  • stove
  • electronics


​We will not be held responsible for any damage in doing so, and our release of liability form will need a signture from the client.

Dump Fee

Yes! We Like To Move It can take any items you don’t want to the dump.


This covers the labor as well as the disposal fee charged by the management of the waste disposal location.


The fee for dumping begins at $150. 


We have a full-deposit return 24-hour cancelation policy prior to move time.


The deposit taken prior to the move will be the cancelation fee if move is cancelled less than 24-hours before move time. 


If you would like to reschedule to an available day we will transfer the deposit to that day.

Extended Liabilities

We will not accept liability for any damage incurred after items enter the doors of the storage units, PODS, trucks, trailers, or containers.


We will not be responsible for any items said to be missing.


IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances will a customer be permitted to enter a moving truck/trailer that has been provided by We Like To MOVE IT. 


We respect and understand that you, the customer, are greatly concerned about your items however, please allow our professional movers to place your items on our truck.

By signing our AGREEMENT FORM indicating that you have read, fully understand, and agree with We Like To Move It policies.


Thank you.



We will take the necessary protective measures to complete a move during inclement weather conditions consisting of rain and/or mild wind.


It is at our discretion to delay a move due to severe weather conditions, we can postpone the move or continue on clock, We Like To MOVE IT cannot control any acts of nature and we are responsible for the care of your items.


If you, the client, request our team to continue the move during weather conditions, against the movers’ recommendations, you will be asked to sign a written liability waiver that We Like To MOVE IT will take no responsibility for damaged items due to weather conditions.


In the event a move is delayed and cannot be completed the same day due to weather conditions, it will be rescheduled to begin as soon as acceptable weather conditions allow even if the move has to be rescheduled for the next day in which an overnight storage fee may be applied, if truck is already loaded. 

The customer understands that We Like To MOVE IT will not be responsible for any items within boxes in which the customer has packed. We Like To MOVE IT will be responsible for the items we packed. 

The customer agrees that in the event that our movers believe damage is likely to occur or it is unsafe to move an item and, he/she elects to ignore the advice to of an employee/employees of We Like To MOVE IT,  he/she (customer) agrees to assume the costs incurred by damage resulting from the actions of our movers, a waiver will need to be sign if the conditons are unsafe.

Other Liabilities

We Like To MOVE IT will not be responsible for any internal damages on any electronics.

Please note: We are not professional water bed, statue, or Jacuzzi movers; however, we will move them with care but will not be responsible for any damage.

We Like To MOVE IT is not a professional pool table mover but will attempt to do so with the homeowner’s consent. We accept no liability for damage that might occur during disassembly, transport, and/or relocation of a pool table. This also applies to all game tables such as, but not limited to, ping pong tables, pac man machines, air hockey tables, etc.

We Like To MOVE IT will disassemble all workout equipment, eg. Bowflex, home gyms, and or workout stations.

We Like To MOVE IT is not responsible for any damage sustained from the moving, dismantling, and/or transporting of these pieces. In the event there is no owner’s manual available for reference, we are not responsible for the reassembly or damage to this equipment.

Filing Of Claims

Please be aware there is always the possibility for damages and lost items regardless of the mover you choose. 


We are not liable for any damaged or lost items beyond the basic valuation protection shown above.


Once a claim is filed we will make three attempts to contact the client in order to resolve the claim; if the three attempts go unanswered, the claim will be closed and not reopened due to lack of cooperation.

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